Cancellation Policy:

Appointment cancellations or reschedules require a 24-hour notice before your scheduled appointment. Notice can be given by calling or texting (248) 266-6312. If a late cancellation or a no call/no show is to occur, you will be responsible for up to 100% of the total service ticket. Appointments made same day are considered confirmed and will be subject to 100% of the total service if the appointment is not kept. If you are more than 5 minutes late to your appointment, it may be necessary to reschedule. If you choose to keep the appointment, the treatment time and or service may need to be modified.
*If you have several same day cancellations or 2 no call/no show appointments you may be asked to prepay for your service the day before your appointment and online booking privileges will be removed.

Online booking tips & tricks:

If you are looking for a certain day, please click on specific and use the date you want as the beginning and end date.

If you are looking for an evening appointment, please choose evening after 5.

Can’t find the date and time you need? Try adding yourself to the wait list. If the spot you need becomes available, the system will automatically text you and ask if you would like it. It works like a dream!

If you are having booking difficulty please call or text us. We are happy to help book an appointment for you.

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